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Plan a Retirement
Party Checklist

Cake photo for plan a retirement party checklist at Omniverz.comFollow this step-by-step guide for planning a memorable and fun retirement party. Before beginning anything, there is information you must know.

1) First thing to decide is if the retiree actually wants a retirement party.
Not everyone does. The retiree may prefer something else like being treated to lunch by close friends from work or no celebration at all. Ask. Find out what type of party would the retiree prefer?

Note: If it's a surprise party, you may already know the retiree’s preferences based on personality. Also, you can ask a relative. You may want to get cooperation from relative(s) to help with arrangements.

2) How many people are coming to the retirement party?
This question decides if the party will be large or small. Are family members of the guests invited? Their children? If so, will arrangements like babysitting or entertainment for them be arranged?

3) Who is paying for the party?
Is it the employer or will a fee be collected from guests?

4) Formal or informal?

Usually a retiree with a high title has a more formal party.

With a general idea of who is coming and what your resources will be, you can now plan the party itself.

5) Party Theme
Will the party have a theme based on the retiree's hobby or interest? An example would be a baseball themed party. Location, invitation, decorations, entertainment and gift follow the theme.

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